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Introduction to our first African member: Lucious

Lucious Matiki: Writer (Africa business), OxForest

I am Lucious from Malawi, East Africa, a graduate of Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Exploits University in Malawi, also a holder of tropical agriculture certificate from the City and Guilds of London Institute. I speak English, Portuguese, Chichewa, Tumbuka and a little of Swahili. I recently joined the OxForest Editing Team as the first African member on the team!

Before my first degree, I worked with the international organization and farms for 14 years in the field of leadership and management positions in both local and international. As an African, I have worked in Malawi for 7 years including Danish NGO’s Child Aid Project as well a tea and coffee farm as a manager. Then I went for project research and development studies in Zimbabwe reaching out development course. There after I was given an opportunity to work in Brazil as a manager at a forestry project for 4 years from 2007 to 2011 with my longtime friend Takeshi Inagawa (OxForest.org Founder). Takeshi and I used to call each other a “Comrade!“, because we were only two foreigners on the project, who hardly spoke Portuguese in the beggining, ha ha.

In the same year end, I went to Mexico where I attained training for business management and a project leadership in the field course. Finally I worked with Jacaranda farm in Malawi as a manager for 4 years.

As regards my interests, I am glad to say that I am not a person who is only engaged in working and studying. I have dozens of activities which I like to do. Generally, I would like you to know that I have always kept my healthy lifestyle. I think that it is much better to struggle with my sicknesses by developing my healthy lifestyle rather than taking drugs infinitely. All these clearly define my high interest in keeping my healthy lifestyle that is reflected in my big love for sports. For instance, I am a real football fan which means that I enjoy playing and watching it. Thus I always try to find some time to go out and play such a wonderful game with my friends.

Thank you very much for reading my profile!

Yours sincerely,

Luscious Matiki

🇪🇦 Introduction to Spanish language by Paula

 Many readers will know the Spanish culture and Spaniards for their cheerful and relaxed attitude towards life. Spanish fascinating culinary culture also counts with internationally well-known dishes, such as paella, tapas and ajillo. Others are fascinated by Spanish historical past and its majestic architecture, with masterpieces such as La Sagrada Familia and La Alhambra. Spain also counts with very cosmopolitan cities, such as Barcelona and Madrid, which attract millions of visitors each year, and with ancient traditions and festivals, such as Tomatina and bullfighting. All these elements have made out of Spain a very attractive country and the world’s second most visited destination, according to the World Tourism Organization, with 82 million visitors in 2018.

 In the last years the Spanish language has also become a very attractive option for those wanting to learn a new foreign language, as Spanish has become the second most spoken language in the world, surpassing the English language in the number of native speakers worldwide.

 Spanish is spoken in Spain and in the majority of South American countries, such as Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Cuba, Chile, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Honduras, Panama… and a really long list of countries and territories!

 El Instituto Cervantes is one of the main centers of reference for those who want to certify their Spanish language competence. The special ward of Chiyoda-ku, in Tokyo, houses El Instituto Cervantes, a center where you can obtain your DELE diplomas (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language). This center also offers Spanish language courses for those who want their Spanish study to start taking off.

 However, learning a language should not necessarily mean an extra-cost. Nowadays you can find many cost-free options and online resources to learn Spanish, so you can easily motivate yourself to start with your study now! The BBC and the NHK also offer free courses to learn Spanish. This website will also provide you with a course to learn this fascinating and attractive language! ¿Empezamos? (Shall we start?)

Retrato de bailaora de flamenco and toro in La Plaza Mayor de Madrid, photo taken by Paula Fernandez

Written by Paula Fernanández

Himba and San – The last nomads of Namibia, Southern Africa

The Himba

The Himba, indegenous people with an estimated population of 5,000, live in northern Namibia, as well as in southern Angola. They are hunter-gatherers and considered the last nomadic people of Namibia. Their economy is subsistece, consisting predominantly livestock of sheep, goats and cattle, that provide the Himba with the major source of milk. (To be continued…)

YouTube: Himba (edited by Takeshi Inagawa)

The San

To be continued…